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Display Size  1.44 inch
Material  HD TFT LCD
Resolution  180*180 display
Control chip ST7735
Display area 25.5x26.5mm
Physical size 30.0x46.5mm
Interface type  SPI interface
Number of pins 8PIN
Working voltage 3-5.5V
Viewing direction 12 o'clock
Working temperature -20°C~70°C

Interface definition:

1 GND Power ground
2 VCC Power 3-5.5V input
3 SCL SPI clock line
4 SDA SPI data line
5 RES Reset
6 DC Data/command selection foot
7 CS Chip select signal, low level active
8 BLK Backlight control, the default can be left floating, low level to turn off the backlight.

Package includes:1 x TFT display module

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